SUZUKI GSX125 with a new name for Pakistan

Suzuki GS125Q

Pak Suzuki is all set to launch its first premium 125cc sporty commuter motorcycle in October 2022. This is confirmed news from reputable resources at Pak Suzuki. They will be launching Suzuki GSX 125 under the brand name of Suzuki GS125Q. Lets find out more what is interesting about this new motorcycle and what will be its price.



Why Suzuki needs a 125?

Pak Suzuki had an empty segment of 125cc motorcycle, one of the most growing segment in Pakistani motorcycle industry. Yamaha and Honda were having a decent growth in this segment and Suzuki wanted its share. Hence they have decided to launch the GS125Q to claim their space in this segment.

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What are the origins of GS125Q?

The GS125Q is being brought by the Qingqi Suzuki route, same as of Suzuki GR150. Qingqi Suzuki is a subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Co in china which is acting as major supplier of spare parts, motorcycles and other necessities. The motorcycle will be manufactured in China and imported to Pakistan. Its going to be a Completely built unit and will have decent quality as compared to Suzuki GS150 which is locally assembled.

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What will be Suzuki GS125Q price?

Because its going to be a CBU (Completely Built Unit) it will be costing a lot. No Official figures are shared but its anticipated that it will be near the price of its 125cc rivals i.e. Yamaha YBR125 and Honda CB125F so we can expect it to be around or more than 3lac rupees. The price will be even higher than GS150 but Suzuki has a strong leasing network and they are hoping to sell i on leasing and financing.

Will it be a good bike?

Before the launch of GS125Q, nothing can be said still the motorcycle was thoroughly reviewed at Pakistan Auto Show 2022 and it felt premium but its going to be an under powered machine. Lets see how Suzuki markets it and time will decide its fate. Many people are hoping it to perform as good as the Suzuki GS150SE with a great build and finish quality.

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