Huge increase in Traffic Challans expected!

In every big city of Pakistan, the traffic flow is increasing. With the ease of getting a motor vehicle, the roads are being cluttered with more and more motorcycles and cars. Also the urban commercial vehicles like rickshaws, vans and buses make it more chaotic.

City Traffic Police or Traffic Wardens try their best to control this issue but there are too many motor vehicles and less number of persons to control them. Traffic police tried to control the culprits by using e challans but still the ratio of challans has not decreased.

CTO Lahore Mr. Muntazir Mehdi has recommended the Deputy Inspector General to increase the amount of traffic challans. As per CTO, The current traffic violation challans is of 200, 500 and 800 (lesser amount which is easily payable and people are not afraid of it)If the amount is raised to 2,000 to 5,000 than people will think many times before jumping a signal.

The system of traffic challans and violations is automated in many countries, The CCTV footage is used and culprit is asked to justify his actions in court. Having such a system may be a tall order but getting challans tariff revised can definitely help. Traffic police should also focus on other law enforcement agencies to also abide by the law and take necessary measures. Many police officers can be seen violating the law on the road.

We will update on this as it gets processed but meanwhile let us know what you think about it?

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