Rear View Mirrors! Don’t remove them


Motorcycles are considered to be a vulnerable mode of transport and they don’t have a good reputation when it comes towards the safety and security, a good motorcyclist is one who always wears helmet and rides safely but only helmet is not enough. To be safer and secure you should must have rear view mirrors installed in your motorcycle. Do you have a couple of minutes because we have to tell you some important facts about rearview mirrors which will make you safer on a motorcycle.

We don’t get much information on who invented the rearview mirrors but in year 1921, Elmer Berger is said to be the inventor of rearview mirrors to make them safer and to make the driver/rider more aware of his surroundings. The fact that you only look ahead while riding a bike makes you less aware of your surroundings, who is coming behind you and in what speed you don’t know. That’s where these mirrors come in handy and make you well aware of oncoming traffic.

The convex glass is used in rearview mirrors and they have great visibility. Mostly riders remove them because they feel these mirrors make the motorcycle look dull which isn’t right. A motorcycle may look sharp without them but it isn’t safe enough to ride in dense city traffic or open highway. While switching lanes the rearview mirrors come in handy and provide a good information about what’s coming behind you. During travelling these mirrors are also very helpful because in higher speeds it is difficult to maneuver the bike and the mirrors help a lot.

A good motorcyclist thinks of the mirrors as very important part of his motorcycle and always install them. It’s a good practice to clean and adjust mirrors before every ride as per your requirements and ride carefully because “Objects in the mirrors are closer than they appear”.

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