is Pakistan’s 1st Automotive review channel. It started off because of personal influence towards automobiles and lack of information about them in Pakistan. It’s been 05 Years and it feels like we have just started.You find the best men on motorcycles, this statement is indeed true if you are curious about the background of Team Horsepower Pakistan. The team behind horsepower Pakistan met on motorcycles and because of motorcycles. This basically is one of the very first video automotive blogs of Pakistan. In simple words, we tell people what to buy and from where to buy when it comes to motorcycles.We have not limited our audiance to only famous brands like Atlas Honda , Pak Suzuki , Yamaha and Kawasaki infect we respect each and every bike and biker. Other local brands like Unique , united , Ravi Piaggio and Road Prince are given equal attention.Now after almost two years we have grown to a Facebook family of over 17,000 members and we have also started our video channel at YouTube where the response is so amazing . Keep on following us and give us your feedback through likes, comments and subscriptions. together we ride gentlemen , apart we fall .Join us in the journey and become part of Pakistan’s finest automotive review website.