“Yamaha YBR125G Night Flou Edition”
Yamaha Motor Pakistan has been in the business for past 03 years in Pakistan. Being the newest entrant at the time, Yamaha had to face many issues initially which were handled nicely
Sunra Electric Motorcycles
SUNRA is a Pakistan based local assembler which is selling e-motorcycle in Pakistan for some good number of years now. They have their factory in suburbs of Karachi and their outlet is at Ocean
ATLAS HONDA CB125F 2019 Review
AHL replaced its CG125 Deluxe with CB125F.When this news was announced, everyone was hoping for the global variant of Honda which comes with fuel injection, has a sleek body and beautiful
Rear View Mirrors! Don't remove them

Motorcycles are considered to be a vulnerable mode of transport and they don’t have a good reputation when it comes towards the safety and security, a good motorcyclist is
Atlas Honda CB125F vs Yamaha YBR125 Comparison review
Motorcycle journalism is a new field in Pakistan with next to zero scope, We guys are motorcycle journalist or motorcycle reviewers which are often said to be corrupt
CROWN Fighter 150
Chinese motorcycles are known for bad quality, poor paintjobs and fit n finish. To some extent these complaints are justified and these issues are present in them but things are changing now. Chinese
Yamaha Motor Pakistan offers Extended Warranty & Yamaha Club!!!
Yamaha is most sought after motorcycle brand when it comes to youngsters, Yamaha changed the local market by launching YBR series in Pakistan which helped
2019 Suzuki GR150 Review
Today we have a main player of Pakistan’s motor industry, who is not familiar with the name SUZUKI, its like an identity when it comes to Pakistani auto scene? The bikes in question is Suzuki
Honda CB150F vs Suzuki GR150
Lets just be fair and honest, there is not much motorcycles available in 150cc segment in Pakistan if we talk about “JAPANESE Branded Bikes”. Mostly sporty and stylish 150cc bikes in Pakistan
How to purchase a used Motorcycle? Tips n Tricks
As the prices of new motorcycles are going up, not every one is able to afford them. Even I feel that most motorcycles are way expensive and overpriced and if I ever had
Yamaha Over the years in Pakistan
Yamaha is the youngest motorcycle manufacturing firm from the land of rising sun. They had to face a tough competition because when they started, Japan had over 100 motorcycle manufacturing
Atlas Honda History In Pakistan
Atlas Honda is a big name in our two-wheeler industry but they have a legacy of over half a century. Started in 1962 as Atlas Autos limited, they began to distribute Honda motorcycles in
Yamaha YBR125G Review, The good and the bad points!
Today we will review Yamaha YBR 125 G.This motorcycle is in its league of its own as its Pakistan’s only 125cc Cross over motorcycle.YBR125G was introduced in year 2015
Yamaha YBR125
When it comes to 125cc motorcycle market of Pakistan, we see a lot of happening there. Every manufacturer is struggling to get a chunk of the market, no doubt it is dominated by Honda with its CG125 but
Yamaha Motor Pakistan Increases prices
The raging bull of inflation is smashing everything that comes into its way. The automobile sector is also affected by the inflation and the results are worse than expected. Many
Atlas Honda Increase in Prices
Atlas Honda Limited, the largest motorcycle manufacturer and seller of Pakistan increases its prices again which are effective from 1st of November 2019.This information is shared by one
What killed Pakistan's Motorcycle Industry
Picture this, you are 13 years old and you are developing your adaptation towards motorcycles, your elder brother or your Father happen to own an old 2stroke motorcycle. Little
Vespa in Pakistan
Oh, it sounds like vespa (Italian for wasp), that’s what the founder of vespa said when he first heard the engine roaring. Founded in 1946 after the world war two when Italy was coming out of war with
2020 | Yamaha YB125Z
No one can hide anything in this digital age. One leaked video or image can ruin your career or worst of all your life, we have a recent example (#iamnotrabipirzada). While people were waiting for