Suzuki GS150 Modified with Zongshen RX1 250CC Engine

They say power without control is a bird with out wings, They say with bigger power comes bigger responsibility. Very few motorcycles are modified in such a manner that they are PRACTICAL and PURPOSE BUILT. They motorcycle in question today is also such a creation from Sleepers and Touring Machines Lahore.

The Suzuki GS150 is highly modified with bigger engine, bigger tyres and brakes setup. The Suzuki GS150 is originally a 12hp engine but now its almost double the power. Zongshen RX1 Cyclone engine makes 21hp and in this frame it weighs under 150kgs approx. with all the other mods.

Zongshen RX1 Cyclone

The other mods include a disc up front and a rear disc set up with a loner mono shock based swing arm for more stability. These mods not only make it look different and cool, they are also practical.

Cosmetically the bike also gets a sporty fuel tank and some other supporting mods. The Zongshen RX1 is a refined engine and Suzuki GS150 has a sturdy and stable frame. This amalgamation is need based, Pakistani motorcycle enthusiasts are craving for and due to non availability they are being creative.

Sleepers and Touring Machines are based in Lahore. They are always open for crazy projects If you can afford them. For details contact them here.

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