What is DUMCHI?

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There are some products that are very low value and no one seems to notice them. Until their need is felt. DUMCHI is also such a product which hardly costs…
Yamaha and Suzuki Sales decrease by 50%

Yamaha and Suzuki’s Sales decreased by 50%

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Motorcycle manufacturing and assembling companies in Pakistan are facing tough times. With the increasing prices of raw materials, the dollar exchange rate, and strict govt duties, sales are going down….
Fuel prices in Pakistan

Petrol prices were reduced by 8 rupees!

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Despite the statement of Mr Musadiq Malik, Petroleum Minister about the reduction in petrol prices, the petrol prices are reduced. Govt has announced new petrol and diesel prices for the…

Will Motorcycle Prices Reduce In New Budget?

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The month of June is almost here and the Govt will announce a new fiscal year financial budget. The Budget is basically a calculation for the next year’s expenses and…
Can Petrol become 100 rupees cheaper in Pakistan?

Can Petrol become 100 rupees cheaper?

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As soon as Russian petrol has reached Pakistan, there is a huge discussion going on about the price of cheaper fuel. Many people think that Russian fuel is much cheaper…
Road Prince Robinson

Road Prince Robinson 150 should relaunch again!

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Road Prince Robinson 150 is a motorcycle that left an indelible mark on the hearts of riders and enthusiasts and deserves a relaunch. With its sleek design, powerful performance, and…
Yamaha YBR125G modified low rider