SUZUKI Thunder 125!

Will It Ever Come To Pakistan?

Pakistani Motorcycle market is usually filled with rumors, sometimes ago there was rumor about YAMAHA 150 cc launch and now the market again has rumor about launch of Suzuki Thunder 125. Before we dive to conclusions, lets have a look on what this bike actually is. Lets look at its specs, performance and price if Suzuki Thunder is launched in Pakistan.

Suzuki Thunder looks

From the first looks and impressions, it looks like Ravi Piaggio is back with new set of alloys and exhaust. The Thunder looks very much like the old school motorcycles (Bandit 250’s smaller version). The motorcycle looks new but certainly not modern as it has some classic looks and styling to it.

Suzuki Thunder Performance

Even though the motorcycle comes with every desired feature like alloys, disc, self starter, 5 speed gear box ,fuel gauge, gear indicators and what not but its going to be just a rumor. The Thunder 125 was launched back in 2013 and its production has closed a long time ago.

Suzuki Thunder 125

Suzuki Thunder Price

Suzuki Pakistan is having a good time selling 150cc motorcycles (It has 04 variants in 150cc engine capacity) and the recent inflation has made other 125cc motorcycles to be sold near price of Suzuki’s 150cc motorcycles. So the launch of Suzuki Thunder seems to be a rumor.


Suzuki Thunder 125 launch is not expected any time sooner in Pakistan, though Suzuki discontinued its GS150SE but they are replacing it with Suzuki GS125Q. The Thunder 125 seems like a decent but slightly aged motorcycle for modern day. If it was launched 10 years ago, it would have definitely ruled the market. Suzuki has never good results with 125 cc category, lets hope the new GS125Q helps them to re write their story.

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