Pakistan Got These New Motorcycles In 2020!

The Motorcycle industry of Pakistan mainly consists of three Japanese Companies and numerous KLocal manufacturers. The reason why motorcycle or two wheeler scene is so dull because most companies (All local manufacturing companies) are used to make motorcycles of one particular format. Yes I am talking about the CD70, CG125 and their clones.

Lets not get too angry on our motorcycle scene and lets discuss all new motorcycles which we got in Pakistan in year 2020.


Yamaha Motor Pakistan launched their fourth variant the YB125Z DX in August 2020. This was fairly a new motorcycle of its type as Yamaha combined the convenience of YB125Z with the stylish alloys and disc setup of YBR125. The DX or Deluxe variant of YB125Z was warmly welcomed and people tend to buy it over YB125Z.


Year 2020 was very exciting for Atlas Honda as they enjoyed good sales figures(Though less due to covid but overall better than other firms) Atlas Honda launched new graphics of all its variants and introduced new Blue color in Pridor and CB125F.

Apart from these minor changes, our motorcycle industry is same as it was, lets hope new year brings new change, not new graphics

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