Motorcycle SaddleBags

Ever since people started travelling on their motorcycles, they have been looking for a way to adjust their belongings and luggage with them during the travel.Some tie their luggage with ropes and chords while some put in bags and carry on their backs but all of these are not so comfortable modes of transporting your belongings with you, thats where saddlebags came in action.A purposeful and tasteful way of keeping the belongings safe while on a travel

Saddlebags come in all shapes and sizes, they are available in different sort of materials as well. They can be metal,plastic or even fabric. As the things have evolved, the shapes and styles of saddle bags are also changing and evolving.



For instance, as I use the LOVO saddle bags which are considered as SOFT BAGS as they are made up of water proof and heat proof fabric material. The best thing which i like about them is the DE-TACH ability of them. They are very easy to install and remove afterwards and they’re also easy to clean, being washable makes them very handy to clean.




I like these bags for the practicality of them, I have traveled to many places like Gawadar Costal Highway,Keerthar Mountain range and Express way etc with these bags while my belongings were stored safely in them and I was enjoying the ride to its max.

These bags can be sourced from Facebook page store of Horsepower Pakistan.


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