Why Yamaha Pakistan again increased its prices again?


Yamaha Motor Pakistan is relatively a new entrant when it comes to motorcycle scene in Pakistan even though people mix it with DYL(Former Dawood Yamaha Limited) but lets keep it for another blog. Yamaha has introduced good quality 125cc motorcycles in Pakistan and they are definitely raising eyebrows in young buyers.

Recently Yamaha Motor Pakistan has increased the prices of its motorcycles and the copy of Yamaha’s price increase letter is all over the internet, this change is way too much as compared to the increases last year.

The increase in prices may be due to some following reasons which we could dug out.

The dollar effect is always discussed when prices are increased in Pakistan, we are a consumer nation and we always import things, as the dollar rate and duties have increased, the prices also increase.

Yamaha Pakistan was a new entrant and it was enjoying the tax rebates which government allows to entrants, as their status is now changing they have to face new taxes and the buyers are the one to pay.

Yamaha Pakistan is an assembling unit in Pakistan and they import most items from china which are assembled here, CORONA Virus could be a reason as the parts are not being imported and this situation may have played some role in this price hike.

What ever the condition is , these new prices have really disappointed me!

Let me know what you guys think of these new prices

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