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.6 Pesa price cut down in Petrol

You won’t believe the latest OGRA summary

You seem astonished? I was too when i heard that OGRA (Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority) has shared a summary for cutting down petroleum prices in February 2020. While the prices of Diesel and Kerosene Oil are going down to some effective amount, OGRA has advised to bring 0.6 pesa down in lieu of petrol prices!

Petrol is no doubt the most revenue generating commodity and because of that its always under the radar of new taxes and price hikes. This is the reason that every time Pakistan takes loan from any financial institution, they always ask to impose tax on fuel prices. Somebody got to pay back!

The most funny thing is that this .6 pesa will not bring any change to a normal person who uses his motorcycle for daily commutes and makes his living, however it will make difference to fuel station owners and on National Level as a whole.

Lets hope things get better and we get to ride our motorcycles more easily!

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