A rider driving bike on wet road after rain

Why Bikers Hate Rain?

No body hates rain like a biker does! Rain alone has disturbed so much ride plans other than anything has ever done!

Lets break it down more so we could see why bikers hate rain.

The foggy Visor:

The fogged up visor is the most torturing thing which a biker hates.While opening the visor lid and riding is not an option in rain,The foggy visor makes it hard to see and makes the ride irritating.

The Wet Gloves:

The first thing a biker would want while riding in rain is to clear up his foggy visor and he tries to whip from his gloves, the wet gloves make it even more difficult and make ride more irritating! Poor souls.

The Wet Shoes and Clothes:

Well the shoes get really wet and really dirty (specially if you’re riding a modern motorcycle with smaller fenders)If you’re heading towards office and get stuck in a down pour, man you’re in trouble. As most of us leave un prepared and we have to sit all day in soaking wet clothes while our colleagues laugh at us.

The Remedy:

M glad you asked son! grab a chair while I tell you, First of all always be prepared, You have a backpack you carry to work? Keep a rain coat or a rain suit in it and be prepared for the RAINY DAYS.You can also keep it in the saddle bags if you have.

Riding in rain may be difficult but its hell of fun, we all will agree on to this point!

Enjoy your down pours while they last and ride safe!

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