3 Reasons why SUZUKI GS150 is being discontinued

Pak Suzuki has recently announced through its dealerships that they are going to discontinue the Suzuki GS150 and replacing it with a more modern and futuristic 125cc motorcycle which has not been disclosed yet. In this regard many people are having different assumptions about the upcoming Suzuki 125cc motorcycle but no one is discussing the possible reasons why Suzuki is launching a 125 instead of a time tested 150.

I our humble opinion, there can be 3 reasons why Suzuki GS150 is being discontinued.

  • Too Old for Today:

The Suzuki GS150 is in production since 2005 in Pakistan and it is basically a modified version of Suzuki GN series. The GS150 initially came with drum brakes and later on GS150SE was added in the line up with a hydraulic and alloys set up. The motorcycle misses many modern features, this could be one of the reasons.

  • Too expensive for company to sell:

As we all know that Suzuki in Pakistan is known for its cars, the motorcycles have always been a hard sell for Suzuki. They have been selling on installments and having separate showrooms. The additional costs on these bikes may be an issue because majority of people are either going for GD110 or GR150 and GS series is having a hard and expensive time to sell. Cash sales are very less.

  • Too many Quality Complaints:

The Suzuki GS150 has a lot of quality issues in them. Their paint quality, chrome quality, wiring, gadgets every thing is questioned by today’s biker. No doubt that their engine is top notch but the other things which assemble together to make a motorcycle are not of an acceptable quality. The general perception about these motorcycles.


In Pakistan, we get a very few new and upcoming motorcycles. Having said that, lets wait and watch what Suzuki will bring to the table.

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