How to make your Motorcycle faster in 10,000 budget

Everyone wants to make their motorcycle a little bit more faster and wants a little more power from it always. There are plenty of ways one can achieve that but we will look into some decent mods which will not damage the integrity of your machine and not void its warranty. Lets look into How to make your Motorcycle faster in 10,000 budget and Maximize the power with decent modifications.

Add a decent exhaust to your motorcycle and it will help with performance and aesthetics as well. After market exhausts are free flow and make quick exhaust of burnt gases. Another benefit is the light weight of these exhausts and we all know a lighter machine is more preferable when it comes to ascertain power. A decent free flow exhaust can cost from as low as pkr 3500.

Spark Plug:
Spark plug helps in igniting the fuel mixture inside the combustion chamber, The regular spark plug in motorcycles is Copper which is used because its cheaper and easily available. The spark plug can really make the difference. A better plug such as Iridium, platinum can really help with the performance.They have a longer and stronger spark and a larger life as compared to regular copper plug. The Platinum plugs start from as low as 350 pkr and Iridium ones will cost you around 1500 pkr.

Air fuel Mixture:
As the ignition and spark plug have been up graded, now its time to increase the air fuel mixture. Air fuel mixture is combination of gasoline and air inside the chamber. You need more air fuel mixture to complete this equation. This can be done by two things, Changing jets inside the carburetor and increasing air flow. Free flow air filters can be used and they are readily available now. These air filters start from as low as 500 pkr. The jets are even cheaper than that!

On top of every thing you need a good mechanic who can tweak your machine to its best and adjust all of these things at different rpm with inspecting the color of spark plug.These tweaks can help with juicing a little more power but be careful and ride sensibly.

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