Over 300,000 Motorcycles sold in Pakistan in July 2020

Mr Sabir Sheikh,Chairman Pakistan Motorcycle Assemblers Association confirms that over 300,000 motorcycles have been sold in the month of July after the covid 19 lock down is lift up by Government.This is highest sales figure of Motorcycles sold in Pakistan, earlier in start of 2018, over 235,000 motorcycles were reported to be sold in Pakistan.

During lock down situation many businesses were halted and disturbed, also the buying behavior of general public shifted to a more conservative and spending on necessities only.Mr Sabir Sheikh said that most sales are reported from rural background areas, as the cycle of demand and supply resumed the cash flow in these areas also increased hence more sales are reported.

He also added that after induction of services like Careem, BYKEA and FoodPanda the sale of locally manufactured small capacity motorcycles is rising, One can e employed for as low as 50,000 and can start earning his lively-hood. This scenario is also helping when it comes to calculate the increase in Motorcycle sales in Pakistan.

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