The New 2021 HONDA H’NESS CB350 launched

HONDA might be doing good in Pakistan with its old tech motorcycles but in India, Honda has recently launched a 350cc machine and they are hoping to take down Royal Enfield with it. Thats a bold statement and a challenging task for HONDA because Royal Enfield is Indian sweet heart and the new HONDA in going to fight in one of the most competitive motorcycle markets. The Honda H’Ness CB350 screams classic and its modern at the same time.

The name of New HONDA is very premium, the Honda HIGHNESS surely screams premium and it is very brave of HONDA to challenge RE in its home ground. The HONDA CB350 or H’Ness looks like a down scaled version of CB1100. This machine has an upright sitting posture with classic looks but modern touches as well.
This new HONDA is specifically designed for Indian market and HONDA hopes to take on Royal Enfield with a competitive price tag of 2,000 $ or 1.9 Lakh Indian Rupees. Lets hope this new HONDA makes its way to Pakistan some day!

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