Yamaha Motor Pakistan Increases its prices by 6000 again!

This just came in today through an official circular of Yamaha Motor Pakistan that the prices of its variants have been increased by 6000. This is the first time manufacturer is increasing its prices after covid and resumption of business after lockdown. How the market reacted once lockdown was lifted is phenomenal, 3 lac motorcycles were sold in July when lockdown was lift up.

The new prices of Yamaha motorcycles with effect from tomorrow are going to be as follows.
YAMAHA YB125Z 157,000
YAMAHA YB125Z DX 169500
YAMAHA YBR125 175000
YAMAHA YBR125G 184000

All of these prices include 17 percent sales tax as well.

Yamaha Motor Pakistan enjoys good number of sales by young buyers who like the new products but as prices are increasing and the graph is getting higher, it may be getting out of reach of young buyers. Also a governing body regarding fixation of prices should be introduced to regulate prices of raw material and finished products so motorcycles can remain the choice of a common man!

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