Depriving Pakistani Motorcycle Industry

Pakistan is one of the fifth largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world and a large number of our population uses motorcycles as a medium of transportation. Pakistan has a lot of motorcycle manufacturing firms which are assembling and manufacturing 70, 100, 125 and 150cc motorcycles locally. Pakistan is also exporting its motorcycles to different parts of the world but despite all of this, we have a depriving motorcycle industry.

The reason to that is continuous price hikes and lack of new innovations. People are forced to buy old tech motorcycles at thrice its price. Its safe to say but Pakistan has achieved economies of scales when it comes to motorcycle manufacturing. According to Ministry of Industries and Production Pakistan has achieved 90% local manufacturing but the price hikes are saying other wise.

Is it lack of any governing regulatory authority or dis honesty of the manufacturers that we are forced to buy a 70cc motorcycle for over 1 lac rupees. This wave does not seems to end as people are still buying and companies are enjoying ! This is the Depriving Pakistani Motorcycle Industry.

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