Beginners Guide to Motorcycle Touring

Thanks to the internet and social media websites, Motorcycle traveling or touring by motorcycle is trending. People love to share their photos of riding from one city to another on their social media accounts.

Traveling by motorcycle may seem cool and fun but it’s not going to be easy . That’s for sure, Atleast in the start it will be tough. Here is a beginners guide on how to do motorcycle touring.(I am writing it after traveling 300kms on motorcycle from Rawalpindi to Lahore)

Plan your ride: I know it’s not going to be easy doing it first time but plan your ride. That means layout the distance and have a visualization of how much distance you can cover easily. It’s suggested to take stops after every 50 to 100 kms . Have a walk or a stretch to get fresh again and click some photos too.

Know your limits:How much can you ride in a day? How much can you stretch your limits and what speeds you can ride on? Can you ride in rain or not?It’s better to be very cautious and remain in your limits to ride and enjoy.

Know your machine: Your motorcycle is your weapon. It can make or break your travel. A maintained motorcycle helps to get along and make the journey enjoyable. Getting it tuned, oil changed and having it’s basic things covered is very much necessary.

Don’t get dehydrated: As it’s summer, dehydration kills the journey. You will feel tired and fatigued. It’s suggested to have plenty of fresh water and juices on your stops and wear a net mesh to keep you safe from hot wind. The jacket in summer may seem odd but it will save you from dehydration.

These were the few things which I did during my first big ride to Lahore from Rawalpindi and I really enjoyed every bit of it!!


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