Stylish and Sporty 125 from Suzuki

Will Suzuki launch it in Pakistan

Rumor has it that Suzuki Pakistan is planing to launch a stylish and Sporty 125cc motorcycle in Pakistan soon . The images are of Suzuki Gixxer 125 ( a regular 2 valve based 125cc engine with sporty design).

The anticipated or rumored motorcycle looks cool, the chisled body panels and Sporty ergonomics make it look cool . No doubt if launched, it’s going to be very popular in the youngsters.

The motorcycle market has seen better days, the ever increasing prices have made it difficult for a common man to buy a premium vehicle. People are now shifting towards used or locally manufactured motorcycles.

Another rumor says that Pak Suzuki will discontinue it’s GS150 and launch the Thunder 125 instead of the GS150. This seems a vague argument and seems impossible. Also people are anticipating the prices will be very high of the Gixxer 125 is launched.

Let’s see , what the future holds for Suzuki and modern bikes. Though it seems a far cry.

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