Stylish and Sporty Suzuki GSX 125

Earlier this year it was rumored that Suzuki Pakistan is planning to launch a stylish and Sporty 125cc motorcycle in Pakistan soon . Many people were anticipating different models. Some were sharing images of Suzuki Thunder 125 while some were sharing the images are of Suzuki GSX 125 ( a regular 2 valve based 125cc engine with sporty design).In August 2022 Suzuki showcased its GSX125 in Pakistan Auto show and it became clear that GSX125 is going to be coming from Suzuki.

SUZUKI GSX125 with a new name for Pakistan

suzuki GSX 125 design

The anticipated GSX 125 looks cool, the chiseled body panels and Sporty ergonomics make it look cool . No doubt if launched, it’s going to be very popular in the youngsters. Even though the motorcycle market has seen better days and the ever increasing prices have made it difficult for a common man to buy a premium vehicle. People are now shifting towards used or locally manufactured motorcycles. Suzuki GSX125 will be launched as a CBU Unit and will be costly.

Suzuki GS150SE Discontinued for GSX 125

It was also rumored that Pak Suzuki will discontinue it’s GS150 and it happened. Suzuki is really looking forward to have a share in ever growing 125cc market. Though the discontinuation of GS150SE seems to be a bad move. Instead Suzuki could have improved its GS150SE and worked on a decent 125cc along side.

Suzuki GSX125

suzuki GSX 125 Launch date

The launch of GSX 125 is expected in October 2022 and its price is expected to be around 350,000. Its major rivals are Yamaha YBR and Honda CB125F series which are already well established and have a fan following around them as well.

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