HONDA CG 125, Most Selling Motorcycle of Pakistan

Very few motorcycles have the power to leave a legacy, Honda CG125 is such a living legend motorcycle. It started as a commuter motorcycle in Japan and remain in production from 1976 till 2008. In Pakistan it is being manufactured since 1992 and the motorcycle sales are still going strong. Honda has many motorcycles to offer but the CG125 is Pakistani sweetheart!

Here are some reasons which make this Pakistan’s most popular motorcycle.

Simple construction:

Honda CG125 is most simple and easy to work upon motorcycle of Pakistan. Its simple construction is the reason any mechanic can fix it and it can be fixed any where. Tuning is simple and its not frequently required as well. Thats also a plus.

Easy to ride:

People love ease, Honda CG125 is easy to ride and control because it is very simple and basic machine. Its light weight and has decent ground clearance, turning radius and road grip. The suspension and stopping power is just fine.


The 125cc engine may not be very powerful but the lightness makes it feel very powerful and agile. Thats the most important reason why people are fan of this motorcycle so much.


The point which turns on many Honda buyers is sound, the motorcycle has a cracking sound and people just love it.

Cheap spare parts and maintenance:

The Honda CG125 is very easy to maintain, its mechanics are every where, parts are readily available at affordable prices.

Resale Value:

We think of reselling an asset before buying it and Honda CG125 has a good resale value and market penetration as compared to other motorcycles in Pakistan.

These were the few reasons in our opinion which make Honda CG125 such a legend, Do let us know what you think about it!

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