HONDA CB125F A hit or a flop?

Honda Atlas has launched its 125cc CB125F a couple of years back with the tagline of Power Ka Tashan and the motorcycle was marketed as competitor of Yamaha YBR125 series but to be honest Honda CB125F has failed to make a mark and leave an impression in Pakistani 2 wheeler industry and here are a few reasons why it happened in our opinion.

Its not real Honda CB125F:

International CB125F

Atlas Honda never launched the original CB125F in Pakistan, instead they launched a re worked version of Honda CG125 Deluxe and called it a day. The CB125F is a deluxe in new clothes and Pakistani customers had already rejected deluxe in the past.

Its not cool enough:

Pakistani CB125F

Though Atlas Honda launched its CB125F to compete with the Yamaha YBR125’s in Pakistan but Honda Atlas forgot to make CB125F cool as Yamaha had made its YBR series stand out in the market. Yamaha YBR125’s have more market share than of Honda CB125F because its not cool enough.

Ride Quality and Honda CB150F:

Honda CB150F
Honda CB150F

Before launching the CB125F, Atlas Honda had launched CB150F which is a refined motorcycle and has a fan following. Many people thought that the CB125F will be same as its 150cc version but no, it wasn’t. The ohv engine delivered so much vibrations that the ride quality became miserable and people didn’t liked it.

Nothing but the CG125:

Atlas Honda has a very loyal audience which is usually repeatedly purchasing its products. People sell a CG125 and buy a new one again. That is one of the key reason why CG125 is so popular and people have rejected  Honda motorcycles in the past like CG125 DELUXE,CG125 DREAM because Honda fans only like the Classic CG125 from Atlas Honda in 125cc category.

These are a few reasons why the CB125F failed to mark its position in Pakistani 2 wheel industry, also the repeatedly price increase meant that the CB125F is now over priced and people are not interested in buying it for 245k.

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