Upcoming Suzuki 125 in Pakistan

It’s rumored that Suzuki GS150SE is being discontinued by Pak Suzuki and they’re going to launch a 125cc motorcycle instead. To a common man it may look odd but stats are different.

The most growing motorcycle class of Pakistan is 125 cc. This engine category is assumed to be a decent one in local motorcycle industry.Every new motorcycle lover wishes to buy a 125cc class and Suzuki is willing to sell more motorcycles as compared to 150cc category.

Now the question arises that which 125cc motorcycle Suzuki will bring to Pakistan? There are a few modern motorcycle in Suzuki line up but they’re not going to be Sporty Gixxer series. Instead Suzuki may bring their Slingshot 125 or Suzuki’s Thunder 125.

The Suzuki Thunder 125 seems like a more better choice specs and features wise. The Suzuki Slingshot is more of a street commuter friendly bike while the Thunder is more of a naked sports.

Suzuki is a great motorcycle company, they can bring even better 125cc bike but the real test will be which motorcycle will be launched and in what price. The 125cc user is more of a common man who stretches his budget to get his dream machine. On the other hand this market also has a lot of competition.

Let’s wait and watch what Suzuki brings to the fight, we hope it’s not a knife to a gun fight!

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