Suzuki GS150 Modified into Suzuki GS200

As we do not have access to modern motorcycles, we make the most of what we have. The motorcycle in question today is also such an example. This Suzuki GS150 is highly modified into a cross over and its called THE SUZUKI GS200. Lets look into the details of this motorcycle.

The motorcycle is a 2008 Suzuki GS150 but its engine has been replaced with a Tiger Boxer 200cc 05 speed engine. The new engine produces around 17 horsepower and its a carb based unit. This gives a new life and power to GS. Also this swap is one of the most affordable ones and requires very minimal alterations to the chassis.

Now the front suspension looks very cool because it comes from Ravi Piaggio Storm 125 cc motorcycle and has a disc set up at front. The motorcycle also gets a KTM styled front head light which gives it a distinctive look and Yamaha YBR125G front fender adds macho ness on top of it.

Tiger Boxer 200 swaps are now very common in Pakistan as its a good value for money product. The quest for power can easily be fulfilled. This Suzuki GS200 is also available for sale and demand is very reasonable 140k only. For more details its owner can be contacted on 0316-7188752.

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