UNITED US 125 Racer Trail Bike

Pakistan gets very few fun motorcycles, The definition of a fun motorcycle is a machine which is designed for enjoyment, thrill and adrenalin purpose than regular commuting. United US125 Racer Trail was some how a Fun Motorcycle but sadly it is no more in production and discontinued by the company.

The United US125 Racer Trail was not a new motorcycle, it was Chinese replica of Kawasaki KE175 but it was so rightly priced at time of its launch that it seemed to be a fun motorcycle for 95,000 rupees. The 125cc engine was a bit underpowered but it was fun thrashing it around the corner. Parts were same as of Honda CG125, dirt cheap and available everywhere.

These things don’t mean that it was not a capable motorcycle. The motorcycle was extensively used by many motorcyclists to travel across Pakistan. Be it sand dunes or the mountains this motorcycle had enough power to take you around.

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The things went wrong at company’s end. Being a typical Pakistani company they thought that selling regular 70cc motorcycles is more beneficial for them. Hence they quit selling the motorcycle here. Also some people believe that company had imported certain units from China and never imported more. What ever the case may be, we lost one good motorcycle option for fun riding.

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