5 Signs of a bad used motorcycle

As the prices of new motorcycles have became excessively higher, getting a new motorcycle is becoming difficult. People are thinking about buying used motorcycles in fair condition and at a fair price but ascertaining the condition of used motorcycle is usually very difficult. If you’re looking for an old bike and it ticks these boxes, Stay Away and look for another option.

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They say first impression is the last impression, Take a good look around the motorcycle and try to look for any miss matched and miss aligned panels or paint surfaces. If the body is old and oxidized but one panel is sparkling new, it means it has been replaced. It can be a good thing but bad as well, the bike may have been in an accident and frame needed to be changed for that reason.

Start the machine:

You should start the motorcycle and observe it, A rough idle, blow by smoke or rattling noises rom engine may tell you many things. It is also suggested to always kick start a cold motorcycle(do not let old owner warm up before you visit)

Maintenance Record:

Even though its going to be a new thing but you can ask the owner about sharing the service record, many owners try to maintain a log of their motorcycle so they know about its running cost and all. Usually young guys tend to miss tunings and oil change intervals so asking for maintenance record is a must.

Test Ride:

One shouldn’t be shy in testing out the motorcycle. Ask the owner for having a test ride and the motorcycle will tell you all about it. One can feel if the bike is falling on one side or not going in a straight line, if the suspension is trash or if the tires are good or not. In such case a test ride is very important.


Having a motorcycle which comes with clean title and complete documents really helps to have peace of mind. Now most of the excise departments in Pakistan have gone on line, It helps to inquire if the said motorcycle is in the name of seller or not. Also an other advice is that never buy a motorcycle on open letter (Not transferred to name of any one) and always make sure quick transfer of new motorcycle on your name.

These were small steps which will help you save from a lots of trouble  and save you a lot of money as well.

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