4 mechanical jobs every biker should know

Bikers usually like to work on their own motorcycles themselves. This is something different which sets the passion for motorcycles apart. Usually bikers are well versed with their motorcycles but still there are four mechanical jobs every biker should know and can perform if and when required.

Changing Engine Oil:

One of the most important part of a motorcycle is engine oil, changing engine oil is also very important. Using engine oil with in service limits is always recommended and should never be missed. Every biker should know how to change engine oil of their motorcycles so they can change engine oil if required on a tour and a mechanic shop is not near by.

Checking/Adjusting Spark Plug Gaps:

Spark plug plays most important role in igniting the fuel and converting it into power. Every internal combustion engine requires a spark to ignite. It can be done by using a Spark plug or a glow plug (glow plugs were used in old vehicles like Vespa and they’re now obsolete). The Spark plug cleaning and Gap adjustment is always required on the go. If gap is too high, bike will have starting issues, if too less than it will also have its own issues.

Clutch Adjustment:

Majority of motorcycles use a cable driven wet clutch plate set up. The clutch adjustment is also important when it comes to motorcycle riding. If clutch is too loose or too tight they will cause many troubles. Like sluggish performance and less life of clutch plates.

Chain Adjustment:

Chain driven motorcycles are the majority in Pakistan, these motorcycles use chains and sprockets to convert power into drive. Chain requires regular maintenance, lubing and inspection every now and then. The motorcycle chain adjustment is one of the most important mechanical job every biker should know and can perform.

Every biker should have some set of tools which can be utilized when and where required. What mechanical jobs you can do? Let us know in the comments.

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