United US125 Deluxe

If you will ask me, As a motorcycle journalist I find 2014 to 2017 a good time period when many new motorcycles were introduced by local motorcycle manufacturing companies of Pakistan. Among such motorcycles United US125 Deluxe was also introduced by United Motorcycles. The motorcycle was amazingly priced at that point and was a good value for money product.

Judging by the looks of it, United US125 was a parts bin special. It was imported from China and had inspiration from many different motorcycles. Its handle bars and speedometer resembled Ravi Piaggio Storm, where as its air scoops resembled 1st generation Yamaha YBR. Over all the motorcycle looked very busy, there were many thing happening in terms of designing.

The engine was Chinese clone of Honda CG125’s engine but with added self starter and 5th gear. The styling was improved and most important thing was it’s price. This motorcycle was so competitively priced at 95,000 rupees that it was getting great attention.

United US125 Deluxe failed to make an impression on the audience due to lack of company efforts and marketing. The motorcycle could have done a lot better if company had put some efforts.

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