Honda CB125F

Honda Offers Exchange Program for Pakistani Motorcyclists

Atlas Honda, Honda’s subsidiary for Pakistan is known for its popular and reliable motorcycles. Their motorcycles enjoy the title of best locally manufactured motorcycles in term of quality, after sales services and resale value. From last year, the situation of Pakistani automobile industry is not so well and sales are declining. To remedy that issue, Honda offers exchange program for Pakistani Motorcyclists by offering Honda CBF.Let’s dig into it and see what is in this program.

Honda CB125F

In a recent social media post, Atlas Honda is offering its old users to trade their old Honda motorcycles for new Honda CB125F. The Honda CBF is an under sold or under valued motorcycle from Honda despite having good engine and excellent suspension. Atlas Honda is trying to seize the opportunity by converting their old customers to new customers and that too for a less running product.

Atlas Honda is offering a fast and instant delivery along with trading your old Honda motorcycle for a higher or better value than local market. Atlas Honda is trying to convert regular 125 users to become premium 125 users and buy Honda CB125F instead of Yamaha YBR125. The issue with Honda CB125F is that its under shadowed by the CG125 and CB150F. This makes it tough for Honda dealers to generate sales for CB125F.

Worth it?

The CB125 is currently priced at 390,000 rupees which is way too steep for it. The CB125 is based on old frame and engine while the suspension is new and imported as CBU from Sundiro Honda, Chinese Subsidiary of Honda Motor Co.

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