Yadea G5 & Ruibin

Future of Electric Scooters & Mobility in Pakistan, Yadea Launches new EV’s

Yadea, the industry leading Chinese electric vehicles manufacturer is officially available in Pakistan now. Its first variant the Yadea T5 received a warm welcome and it returned exceptional performance and efficiency which was un heard off. The future of electric scooters & mobility in Pakistan is here. Yadea launches its new EV’s in Pakistan. Let’s have a look.

Yadea G5 & Ruibin

New Yadea EV’S for Pakistan:

There are a number of electric bikes and scooters manufacturers in Pakistan, currently claiming to be the most fuel efficient and effective electric vehicle but none of them has offered to test their efficiency but Yadea. We tested the Yadea T5 on the claim of its efficiency and range. We fully charged the T5 and tested it over 3 days by using it for day to day tasks. The T5 delivered 90kms to a full battery and it was completely dead after that. Yadea claims range of 100 to 105kms on full charge at economy mode, by doing a full range test we came to know the maximum performance it can give in city under real world conditions and riding in the most powerful mode. After the amazing performance of T5, We are very optimistic about the performance of their new EV’s which are Yadea G5 and Yadea Ruibin!

Yadea G5:

Yadea G5

The Yadea G5 is being launched as the most premium Yadea scooter currently launched in Pakistan. The G5 gets a powerful 1200 watt motor and is powered by a 72v26Ah batteries. Yadea claims a rideable range of 90-100kms with a top speed of 50kmph.The G5 gets 12 inch rims and good suspension at both ends. The scooter comes with disc brake setup front and back along with under seat storage and other features. The G5 has a sleek styling and amazing body lines which make it look futuristic and bold. Its priced at 280,000 rupees.

Yadea Ruibin:

Yadea Ruibin

The Ruibin is launched as a more basic and simple variant of Yadea scooter. With its simple specs, compact size and decent features to offer, Ruibin seems a decent buy. It almost looks like a petrol scooter but actually its electric. The scooter gets a 800 watt motor powered by 72v26Ah batteries and has a top speed of 45kmph. The Ruibin gets smaller wheels and it suits the size. Its priced at 199,000 rupees.

The Yadea scooters are about to reach showrooms across Pakistan and soon they will be available every where. The price point on Yadea scooters is better as compared to the competition because Yadea is a world renowned brand selling global variants in Pakistan. Let’s hope to get our hands on Yadea Ev scooters and let you guys know how they perform!

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