Road Prince Group Brings Yadea To Pakistan & Launches Yadea T5!

Pakistani Motorcycle Industry is currently in favor of Electric Vehicles. With the increasing fuel prices and running costs, now the end consumer is looking for a more feasible and reliable option which is easy to operate and maintain. Electric Two wheelers make a lot of sense in this application. Recently, Road Prince Group has brought World’s most advanced and selling Electric Two Wheeler from China. Yadea is now officially available in Pakistan and they have launched their first variant which is Yadea T5! Here is our first look review of it!

The innaguration ceremony was held on friday i.e 24th November 2023 at Yadea Pakistan’s first showroom in Lahore. The showroom is a multi story building with aim of expanding the product range beyond electric scooters and bring more modern electric automobiles here.Initially , Yadea brought their base variant which is aimed at providing a comfortable riding experience on a budget. The Yadea T5 has many cool features but its looks are very unique and different. The projector head lamps and drl’s make it look unique. Also the indicators placement is very clear and looks nice.

The Yadea T5 is technically a new electric scooter in Pakistan and one of its kind. With the TTFAR Technology, the T5 is miles ahead of its competition. The scooter gets a new generation grephane battery set up which is 3 times efficient as compared to regular batteries. They are also long lasting as compared to the regular batteries. Yadea is not regular run of the mill e bike made in Pakistan, its sought after and well designed.Read More

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The T5 comes equipped with regenerating system and it also generates the power on the go when throttle is left. The price point of T5 is very intersting and market competative. The T5 is available for sale at introductory price of 245,000 rupees. The T5 coupled along with 18 months comprehensive warranty seems a win win . The detailed review along with its complete specs and features will be shared soon!

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