Qingqi Displayed EV60 & EV32 In 7th Industrial Expo

Qingqi Motors is not a new name in Pakistani Automobile Industry. Though Qingqi has an image of a peoples carrier or a commuter and loader automobile manufacturer still its not the actual picture. Globally, the Qingqi is a large scale manufacturer of automobile especially 2 wheelers. As the EV revolution is hitting Pakistan, Plum Qingqi motors displayed its EV60 & EV32 In 7th Industrial Expo at Lahore. Here is what we know.

The newly launched EV60 is a new breed of motorcycles in Pakistan. The Electric 2wheelers in Pakistan are majorly scooters or 70 shape electric bikes. The EV60 comes with a unique shape due to its front carrier and rea carrier. The seat is different to look but very well padded. The engine compartment or battery compartment is very well secured. Its built with high quality materials and comes equipped with lock for security.

Since the EV60 comes with a swapable battery option and dual batteries, it is also one of a kind machine in Pakistan. The lithium ion batteries can be replaced, swapped and charged easily at a charging station. The batteries can be dropped at a mega charger and a fully charged battery can be replaced in under 45 seconds.

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The EV60 is a 2000 watts hub motor based electric bike. Qingqi has also launched its base variant which has similar dimensions but its named EV32. The EV32 comes equipped with a 1500 watt motor. The e bike comes equipped with two riding mods sports and economy. As per the company representatives, the EV60 can go upto speed of 72kmph and has a rideable range of 120kms pr charge.

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The specs of EV60 and EV30 are not bad for an EV but they are not very modern. Now a days many more EV players are in the market like Yadea who has regenerative systems. The EV 60 and EV32’s price is not diclosed yet and the company representative was not sure if they are going to make these locally or import as CBU. What do you think of these EV60 & EV32? Let us know in the comments below!

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