Why do electric bikes fail in Pakistan?

Why do Electric Bikes fail In Pakistan?

The Electric Bikes or EV movement has been around for many times in Pakistan. It almost been around for 4 years now but no manufacturer has succeeded. Why do Electric Bikes fail in Pakistan? Let’s find out.

The Design Issue of Electric Bikes:

One major thing where Pakistani EV designers and manufacturers went wrong is that they copied the existing Honda CD70 shape which has been running around for over 3 decades now. This gave electric bikes, a symbol of innovation & future a bad name. This caused many enthusiasts dis liking the ugly shape and unproportionate structure of local ev bikes.

The Technology Issue of Electric Bikes:

While Pakistanis were still under the influence of old design, they also got old technology. Many manufacturers used old-school lead acid batteries in these electric bikes which not only were heavy, expensive, and high maintenance but they also created heat-up issues that caused many fire incidents in EVs. The technology we received in the name of EVs was very basic and very expensive.

Bunt Jolta E Bike

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Emphasis on import Only:

Like other automobile manufacturers in Pakistan, the EV manufacturers also focused on importing spare parts and assembling their bikes instead of setting up a proper plant. This caused delays in the ev deliveries and because of increasing dollar prices, the EVs became way more expensive. If they were locally produced, things would have been different.

Why do electric bikes fail in Pakistan?

Not Value for Money:

This is where things become very interesting, when one looks at a 70cc Honda, he perceives a value of around 100k these days. Hence making a decision for him is rather easy if he wants to go for a Honda or another local motorcycle. On the other hand, if the same person looks at a local ev (which means batteries and motor in the frame of 70cc), he perceives the same value as 100k, but the price of that EV is 200k. Because there is a huge difference between perceived value and actual value, no one is willing to buy these Electric Bikes.

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