United US 150

United Motorcycles launches US150 for an amazing price!

United Motorcycles is Pakistan’s 2nd largest motorcycle manufacturer and seller after Atlas Honda Motorcycles. Recently they have launched a new lineup of motorcycles in Pakistan. The motorcycles were displayed at the 2nd Engineering Expo of Pakistan at Exp Centre Lahore. We had a chance to cover it and this is what we saw.

United US 150

United US 150 Looks & Design:

United US150 is a modern-looking 150cc motorcycle that looks very much like Honda CB150F. The fuel tank design and decals on the side make it look like Honda CB150F. From the front, it has a big headlight and a smart visor. The front fender is also sporty. At the back, US150 is inspired by many other motorcycles. It has a split grab rail and a single-unit seat. The rear fender is also a decent size with a smart-looking exhaust. The engine is fully blacked out and looks cool with black alloy rims. The speedometer, instrumental cluster and toggle switches seem good quality too.

United US 150 Specifications:

Engine-wise, the United 150 has a single-cylinder air-cooled 150cc engine. It has a 5-speed gearbox with a self-starter unit attached to it. A simple slide carb is providing fuel to it and it has a low-noise exhaust to offer. The engine seems to be an overhead cam shaft-based unit and its peak power is not more than 10.5 hp. Other than that it gets telescopic front forks with alloy wheels and a petal disc up front, on the back it gets a simple drum brake. The tyre size is 2.75 – 18 front and 3.25 – 18 at the back.

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United US 150 Price & Availability:

The sticker price of United US 150 is 1100$. The manufacturers are now evaluating their automobiles in dollars because the Pak rupee is not stable at all. This has caused a big issue for everyone in Pakistan and people have to purchase old tech machinery at a higher price. The US 150 can be booked from the nearest United Motorcycles dealer on demand and its price is around 290,500 pkr as per the current exchange rate.

United US 150

In our opinion, this motorcycle seems to be a better option as compared to Honda CB150F on price point but its quality and durability are yet to be tested!

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