2024 Yamaha YB125Z DX

2024 Yamaha YB125Z DX Leaked Images

Yamaha Motor Pakistan had launched its YB125Z DX couple of years back. It was launched as a more premium variant over the common YB125Z. The company was initially hoping to increase the sales of DX variant and discontinue the spoke rims based YB125Z. Recently Yamaha had launched its YBR125 in new color scheme. The new variants of other models are also due. The 2024 Yamaha YB125Z DX leaked images are being shared and that’s probably going to be the new graphic.

Though its not official but as per previously leaked images, this can be the 2024 Yamaha YB125Z DX. The modern minimalistic look is being followed by the companies, Yamaha YB125Z DX is also coming up with a minamilistic strobe design. The gold leaf pin striping styled graphics are looking sober but its too much empty space and Pakistani’s do not like minimilistic graphics.

2024 Yamaha YB125Z DX

Yamaha has officially revealed that the price of the Yamaha YB125Z-DX model has increased. With effect from November 23, 2023, the new price is Rs. 440,500, an increase of Rs. 17,000 over the previous price of Rs. 423,500. Insider sources indicate that this raise is being made in anticipation of a new “model,” which is simply a new sticker design for the Yamaha 125Z-DX, even though the official notification did not state why it was made.

Yamaha YB125Z DX 2024

Yamaha Motor Pakistan has been on a different path from its launch, introducing return shift variants and much more against the norms.This has costed the company a lot in terms of sales. Company could have achieved more sales as compared to its competition. The increasing motorcycle prices , failing quality and minimalistic changes are not appreciated by the end consumers at all.

The current graphic on Yamaha YB125Z (the previous variant) seems more bold and stylish as compared to this new one. However a new graphic is considered new variant.

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