2024 Yamaha YBR125 Launched

Yamaha YBR 125 2024 Launched with Beatiful Color Scheme & Graphics

Yamaha YBR125 is undoubtedly Pakistan’s most adoreable and desired entry level motorcycle. The youngsters are always lusting for Yamaha YBR 125 and they have been modifing it in different asthetic shapes. Yamaha Motor Pakistan has seen many ups and downs with the sales of YBR125 as its often over shadowed by other variants. This time Yamaha YBR 125 2024 is launched with beautiful color scheme & graphics.

2024 Yamaha YBR125 Launched

Yamaha YBR125 2024 is launched as the show stopper, aimed at young customers who intend to ride an entry level sporty motorcycle. Initially launched at 2015, the motorcycle was mechanically revamped once or twice but it was never completely redesigned. Every year Yamaha has improved its design skills and over the period of time they have developed a target audience for it. Youngsters are having many different modifications on their YBR125’s.

The all new Yamaha YBR125 2024 is launched in a new color combination. YBR125 has now color combination of Red & Black, Black & Black and Grey & Black. The motorcycle has neon colored stickers which looks great! Yamaha has introduced its new color comb which is metallic blusih gray. Coupled with the neon graphics it looks super cool. The black color has an amazing black on black feel.

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The price, features and specs of motorcycles in Pakistan are usually a discussion point. The price is always changing after increase in Dollar rate and other costs. Sadly the localization has not been completely done and the motorcycle is still made by assembling majority parts in Pakistan. The current price of Yamaha YBR125 is 452,500 rupees. For a youngster, this is on a higher side and it needs to be reduced but honestly that is not possible anytime soon.

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