Petrol Prices To Increase In Pakistan

Petrol Prices Expected To Increase In Pakistan

Twice a month fuel prices are revised in Pakistan. This practice is being continued in Pakistan for a long time now. OGRA regulates fuel prices after every 15 days in Pakistan. Last time, the ruppee was in a stronger position as compared to dollar and crude oil prices were decining locally. A relief of 10/15 rupees was expected but OGRA continued the old fuel prices. Now the global fuel prices are still decreasing but dollar rate has changed. The petrol prices are expected to increase in Pakistan. Here is what we know so far!

Petrol is the most extensively used fuel in Pakistan. Its consumed by common commuters and has many other applications. This time OGRA is suggesting a price increase of 4 to 5 rupees in prices of Petrol only and 5 to 10 ruppee decrease in price of diesel and kerosene oil.

Petrol Prices To Increase In Pakistan

The current government levies and changes based on the extremely unstable US dollar exchange rate are the main causes of these price swings. Remarkably, insiders say that because of unpaid foreign exchange adjustments, the government might decide to keep the present price of gasoline at this level.
There may be some good news for high-speed diesel users, though, as a significant decrease of Rs10 per litre is expected soon.

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The current government had already declared a significant drop in the price of gasoline. The current price of petrol is Rs. 283.38/litre, down Rs. 40/litre. However, the new cost of a litre of high-speed diesel (HSD) is Rs. 303.18.

One thing is certain, however, as customers anxiously await the definitive word on these rumors: Pakistan’s fuel price rollercoaster remains an unpredictable experience, leaving the already vulnerable populace holding their breath in anticipation of what the pumps will reveal next.

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