Is Hybrid Motorcycle A Solution For Pakistani Bikers?

Pakistani Motorcyclists are always left un answered about perfect motorcycle for their daily needs. While majority of them uses motorcycles for daily commuting and office hauls still they are some what unsatisfied with their motorcycles. The recent petrol prices hike made things even worst and people began to question for more fuel efficient and affordable motorcycles. Is Hybrid Motorcycle a solution for Pakistani Bikers? Let’s find out.

Before we start digging in to it, let me explain what is a Hybrid Automobile. Its a type of vehicle which uses alternative fuel or energy to move. The most common example of a Hybrid vehicle is Toyota Prius which comes to our mind. It takes gasoline to power its regular engine and electric motors to commute with in a speed limit. On the same concept, A Pakistani automobile manufacturer Ride Star Motorcycles have developed a Hybrid Variant of Pakistan’s most loved 70 and 125cc motorcycles.


These Hybrid Motorcycles are same as basic locally made 70 and 125cc motorcycles but the party trick is their rear hub. Other than a petrol powered engine, they also come with a battery powered electric hub motor. The hub motor provides for a secondary source of energy when the petrol runs out.

Unlike the other modern hybrid vehicles, their is no rejunvinating braking system which helps to charge the batteries on the go. Also due to the extra weight of hub motor, controller and batteries the motorcycle weighs a little more than the regular motorcycle of same category.The motorcycle also looks the same and people are now fed up of this design too.

Now the question remains that is hybrid motorcycle a better solution for Pakistani Bikers? Well technically yes, it makes sense but is it practical or can it be done easily since a biker will have to maintain an electric bike and a basic motorcycle aswell.

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