Honda CB125F, Worth it?

Honda is undoubtedly the king of the 125cc motorcycle class in Pakistan. After the launch of Yamaha YBR and other premium motorcycles, sales started to decline a lil bit. To overcome this problem, Honda also went to the drawing board and launched its own version of the premium 125cc motorcycle. This is how Honda CB125F was born. A couple of months back Honda CB125F was being sold for around 275,000 rupees. After recent price hikes, its price is 350,000 rupees. This brings us to the question that is Honda CB125F worth it?

CB125F Development:

Unlike the other companies, Honda started developing Honda CB125F locally. They had a premium 125cc before named Deluxe. They utilized the same chassis and used the Honda CG125SE engine with a self-starter and 5-speed gearbox. This helped with two things, it has the same iconic sound and the same quick acceleration. Also, it is based on decades-old technology which every mechanic can work on easily and parts are very common too. The styling is inspired by deluxe too. It has a front visor with a crystal headlight and a chiseled tank. The seat is accommodating but a bit hard, and the rear suspension is also adjustable but a bit hard as compared to the competition. The front and rear suspension along with alloy wheels are borrowed from Honda CB150F and are premium quality.

Is it worth it?

Is CB125F worth it?

Nowadays, no motorcycle is worth the money it is offered against. Honda CB125F was excellent value for money when it was available for 275,000 and its competitors as Yamaha YBR125 and Suzuki GSX125 were being sold for more than 3 lac rupees. Now at the price point of 350,000 rupees, CB125F is an overpriced, old-tech motorcycle and it is not worth the premium in our books. Do let us know what you think of CB125F and let us know in the comments.

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