Unique features of the 2023 Suzuki Hayabusa

There is no motorcycle enthusiast who does not know about Suzuki Hayabusa. The unrivaled king of superbikes is now available in its all-new version. In this article, we will take a look at the unique features of the new Suzuki Hayabusa.

The most unique feature of the new Hayabusa is that it has 550 new or redesigned parts with a focus on bringing more and more performance. The Hayabusa is designed in the wind tunnel to be aerodynamic and go fast on a race track. This may be very new for many but Hayabusa is an excellent touring machine too.

The new Hayabusa has the same character as the older version but it’s sharp. The body lines are similar but more angular and defined. The new Hayabusa is available in two-tone color schemes from the factory. Mechanically it is based on a new aluminum frame which is 700 grams lighter than the previous generation with a focus on weight reduction. The front and rear suspensions on the new Hayabusa are also specifically made with speed and stability in mind. The tyres on the new Hayabusa are co-developed by Suzuki and Bridgestone.

On the reliability side, Hayabusa has more improved stopping power now. The brakes are much stronger and more stable than before. It comes equipped with many modern riding aids to keep things safe and in control.

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Technically Hayabusa is one of the most modern motorcycles in the world. The new Hayabusa uses ride by wire electronic throttle system. This helps with precise and quick power delivery without any lags. the 1340cc inline 4-cylinder engine makes sure that power is always available on tap. Suzuki intelligent ride system is developed for the new Hayabusa. The SIRS keeps plenty of things in check to keep the rider safe and ride an enjoyable one!

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