Cheaper Petrol for the common public

Petrol has reached all-time highest prices in Pakistan these days. After every 15 days, OGRA suggests a new petrol price to the government and prices are changed frequently. The common public is most disturbed because of this petrol price fluctuation and in dire need of some relief. The government seems to be worried about them and thinking to launch cheaper petrol for common public. Here is what we know so far.

What is Cheaper Petrol?

Petrol quality is evaluated by the number of RONs. The term RON is Octane measuring in petrol and its full form is Research Octane Number (RON). Higher the RON in petrol, the more premium and good quality petrol it is. The fuel used in superbikes and high-end cars (high compression motors) is a much higher octane rating as compared to regular fuel. In commuter vehicles. family cars a lower ron fuel can work (if the engine is not high compression)

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Cheaper Petrol for Motorcycles/Rickshaws

In a recent development, the government is thinking about selling a low ron fuel for the common public. Motorcyclists and rickshaw owners are being considered eligible for the low ron cheaper fuel. As the majority of motorcycles and rickshaws are low-compression engines in Pakistan, low ron fuel can work easily without any issues.

A few years ago, the petrol available in Pakistan was reddish in colour and had an 87 ron octane rating. That is a common example of cheaper fuel which can work in the majority of motorcycles and auto rickshaws of Pakistan. Because low ron fuel is rich in sulphur, it pollutes the environment and is not recommended for high-compression engines.

The government should give substantial relief for the general public on low ron fuel. The low ron fuel should be kept on sale for 150 rupees per litre for at least a year. This will help the common man to survive a bit better. If you are wondering some people may be using this fuel in their cars then no, it will not work and cars will start knocking because of low ron fuel.

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