Panther Trekker Tubeless Tyres

Most affordable tubeless motorcycle tyres in Pakistan

As the touring season is approaching, motorcycle enthusiasts are busy preparing their motorcycles for new adventures. The biggest fear in the mind of every biker is the fear of a flat tyre and getting stranded. There is a remedy to this fear and it is using tubeless tyres. In this article, we will share all the information we have on the most affordable tubeless motorcycle tyres in Pakistan which are Panther Trekker Tubeless Tyres.

Panther Trekker Tubeless Tyres

What is Tubeless Tyre?

As its name reflects, tubeless tyre works without any tube inside the tyre (Just like a tubeless radial tyre works in a car)The tubeless tyre requires an alloy rim or a sealed spoke rim so it can hold air. Simply saying that a tubeless tyre has everything but the tube. Tubeless tyres are used on the majority of high-end adventure and sports motorcycles. The basic benefit of having a tubeless tyre is peace of mind because they’re built stronger and are puncture resistant.

Panther Trekker Tubeless Tyres

Panther Trekker Tubeless Tyres:

Panther Trekker is a popular motorcycle tyre in Pakistan. Its modern design, high profile and special construction make it ideal for Pakistani road conditions and the majority of motorcycle adventure riders are using Panther Trekker on their motorcycles. Now Panther Trekker Tyre is also available in the tubeless application for Pakistan. (earlier these tyres were exported to other countries)

Panther Trekker Tubeless tyres are exclusively available at Panther Tyres Daraz Flagship store. Customers can choose from different sizes ranging from 2.50-17 to 90/90-18. If you are looking for a tubeless tyre swap in your Yamaha YBR, Suzuki GS150 or any other similar motorcycle, you can simply opt for Panther Trekker Tubeless 2.75-18 (front) and 90/90-18 (rear). Panther Tyres is offering various discounts and free shipping for its online customers in the Daraz Ramadan sale.

Panther Trekker is one of the best motorcycle tyres available in Pakistan, with its dual sport pattern and export quality construction this tyre is a popular choice among motorcyclists of Pakistan. Now you can skip expensive imported tubeless tyres (no warranty is offered on imported tyres but Panther tyres offer 6 month or 10,000 km warranty). So what are you waiting for? Grab a pair for your motorcycle now!

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