Engine Swaps, Only affordable options left for enthusiasts

With the recent tough times in our country, many things are not going as they should be. The prices of existing motorcycles are increasing while they have nothing new to offer. Imagine getting a Honda CG125 for under 1 lakh 5,6 years ago and now its way above 1.50 lakh mark. Same bike for much higher price.

In such scenarios the enthusiasts have discovered another way to entertain themselves. It started of as a hobby but now it is a necessity. Its about changing the existing engine of your motorcycle with a more powerful and affordable engine which delivers the punch and is not expensive on your pocket either.

In this regard, there are some crazy lads from Lahore who are doing some crazy modification of engine swaps. They had developed a 200cc Honda Deluxe in past by swapping its engine to a 200cc over head cam based Tiger Boxer engine. This gave wings to deluxe. The same bike was now producing 17.5 hp. ad was literally flying.

The Tiger Boxer engines are now scarce, there was a time when this job costed around 30 to 40 thousand rupees and if you are looking to build your own project than getting a dead bike and revamping it with new power plant made a lot of sense than. Now the modern engines are much expensive but if you look in the perspective of value for money, than Engine Swap is the fastest way around!

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