Are electric bikes the future?

Heavily increasing fuel prices are making it difficult to commute on regular petrol powered motorcycles

Yesterday the government announced yet another fuel price hike in Pakistan and petrol prices has reached all time high of 209 rupees per liter. This hike has increased frustration in general public and people are now desperately looking for another option.

In Pakistan the electric motorcycle market is very limited, the prices are much higher and people do not trust them . Most electric bikes are Chinese kits and installed in 70cc chassis. The batteries are mostly lead acid and not so good for backup.

Still there are a few good options like Vlektra Electric bikes from Karachi. They’re also from Chinese origin but of better quality. These e bikes are much better but also their prices are very high. Though many say that this will get better as the local production will start but in Pakistan it’s not that easy.

Hybrid energy or solar energy solutions are becoming a reality in all of the world. The need of time is that government should help the start ups to have a solid infrastructure and layout plan.

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