Pak Suzuki motorcycles prices increased again!

The Motorcycle market of Pakistan is a perfect monopolistic competition, Manufacturers know that consumers are dependent on them and they can change or increase prices when ever they want. Not only that they can also create shortage in market when they want to artificially create a gap of supply and demand.

Recently Atlas Honda Motorcycles has increased their prices which were applicable from yesterday 1st June 2022. Following the trend Pak Suzuki also increased prices of its motorcycles and now their entry level Suzuki GD110S costs 212,000 rupees.(Same bike was available for 207,000 one day before)

Similarly the prices of all motorcycles have increased from 5 to 7 thousand rupees. Initially it seemed as a bad idea to even think about this trend of price increase but this is an inevitable and non stopping phenomenon. It seems like it has no end at all. Still a news is a news, hope it helps.

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