Common Types of Motorcycle Tyres

A large number of commuters in Pakistan use motorcycles as their medium of transport. The motorcycles may be generic in looks and shape but tyres are not. Motorcycle tyres come in various shapes and sizes. If you think that Pakistan is importer of tyres than you’re wrong. It was also a surprise for me to know that we are exporting tyres across the globe.

Panther Tyres is the pioneer and oldest motorcycle tyre manufacturing company. They have now expanded their portfolio and manufacture a variety of tyres. Coming back to motorcycle tyres, they are mainly divided into three types. On road ,Off road and dual purpose , Lets look at each in detail.

On Road Tyres:

The word ON ROAD refers to the pattern on the tyres, their pattern helps in achieving more grip and reduce skidding in our road conditions. Its also designed in a way that its thread repels water and grips the surface under harsh conditions. The on road tyre also has more shoulder area which helps with leaning in to a corner. These tyres are mostly manufactured from a softer compound to help them stick with road and make ride more safer.

Off Road Tyres:

The Off road tyres are mostly used in gravel and muddy terrains. These tyres have big grooves and knobs for traction in wet and muddy conditions. They are also called ENDURO Tyres and used in Trails and Dirt bikes. These tyres are usually hard to protect them from punctures and have better life in tough terrains. These tyres are not suited for ON Road travels as they get noisy and loose grip under hard or hazard breaking.

Dual Purpose Tyres:

These are the best of both world’s. These tyres are manufactured to maximize mobility and they inherit the good characteristics of both On and Off road tyres. These tyres are often referred to Sports Touring and best suited for travels with in Pakistan as our roads get very challenging sometimes. The Dual Purpose Tyres also perform great under hazard breaking and enhance grip in wet or muddy conditions.

It is always recommended to use manufacturer recommended tyres and tyre size. Putting un necessarily bigger tyres can damage your motorcycles engine and kill its performance due to extra weight and increased foot print.


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