Honda CD70 2023 is launched in Pakistan

Atlas Honda CD70 has a distinction like no other motorcycle, it is one of the oldest motorcycle in production but it also has unique identity of being an entry level or beginner level motorcycle. No matter if you are riding a Hayabusa now, chances are you learnt riding motorcycle on the mighty CD70. Atlas Honda has recently launched a new Color and Graphic change variant in its Honda CD70 and 2023 model is available on Honda showrooms across Pakistan.

In terms of performance, looks and features there is no change. Atlas Honda re launched its CD70 with 101 changes few years back. The claim of doing 101 changes was taken as a joke by majority motorcycle fans because the motorcycle was still looking the same with graphic changes as usual. But Honda actually did few mechanical changes and introduced aluminium cylinder block to improve performance and control heating up.

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New Upgrades :

The 2023 variant consists of a new graphic set which differentiates it from previous model. This is the only noticeable difference in both the motorcycles. But there is one very major noticeable difference and that is price. Honda CD70 now costs just under 120,000 rupees which is in imaginable. No one in his wildest dreams ever thought that Honda CD70 will ever cost above 100,000.Honda CD70 is available in two color options, red and black. It also comes with extended warranty up to 3 years on top of 1 year or 12 month warranty.

2023 honda cd 70

This is mainly due to poor economic conditions of Pakistan and lack of local development. Despite being in production for 4 decades Honda has failed to completely localize the machinery and still has to import some important spare parts for the CD70. Also because of inflation the prices have gone high.

Fuel Efficiency Improvement :

Honda CD70 is popular for the fuel efficiency, smaller capacity motorcycles are usually designed to be fuel efficient but the CD70 sill uses a slide carburettor which isn’t much fuel efficient at higher rpms. Still it manages to deliver around 50kmpl but Honda claimed it to be 70kmpl.

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Conclusion :

Despite all the factors, lack of competition and monopoly of big three is the main reason people are buying overpriced motorcycles and other local manufacturers are following their footsteps.

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