Suzuki GS150 SE, “Real truth behind closure!!”

Suzuki GS 150SEbhas been discontinued recently and it has lead to a big discussion in motorcycle groups. Many people are not accepting the fact that Suzuki discontinued it’s star and most selling motorcycle of all time.

Upon investigating and discussing among our friends at Pak Suzuki Motor Co, we collected some value able input which we must share with all of you guys.

The most important and main cause of this closure is high dollar rate and increased import duty. The Suzuki GS150SE consisted of many imported parts such as engine parts, alloy wheels and disc set up which was now costing a lot more.

Among many other things was the consumer shift pattern, many customers opted for GS150SE because it was most powerful local motorcycle but many also considered it to be a fuel guzzler due to psychological effect of bigger engine. More people were opting for the 125cc motorcycle which was vacant in Suzuki lineup.

This means that Suzuki is now aiming at launching a new 125cc bike. We hope the motorcycle is fun enough to ride and economical enough to ride even longer.

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