Yamaha YB125Z DX instalment plan 2022

Yamaha Yb125Z DX is a premium commuter motorcycle from Yamaha Motor Pakistan. They have recently increased prices of YB125Z DX and it’s new retail is 307,000 rupees. Today we will be discussing Yamaha YBzDX installment plan 2022 from the company itself.

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About Yamaha Yb125z DX

The DX is premium version of Yamaha Yb125z with alloy wheels and disc set up at front . The Yamaha DX has improved handling and looks after this upgrade. The motorcycle also became heavier than a regular Yb125z and it weighs under 115kgs.

Yamaha YB125z DX

yamaha YB125z DX installment plan for 2022

Due to decreasing sales, Yamaha Motor Pakistan has introduced a 0 mark up installment plan for it’s customers. This means that the customers will not have to pay any extra amount and premium.

The customer will need to pay 50% advance as down payment to selective Yamaha dealers and remaining amount will be divided in to 4 equal installments.

Benefits of Installment plan

Getting a new motorcycle these days is difficult because they have became too much expensive. Yamaha has offered a solution to not only buy Ybz DX but all other Yamaha models on easy installments. In this way a customer can purchase his dream bike easily.

In case of Yamaha, they need to make it more easy because a few can purchase the bike at such a higher price. If company launches a 1 or 2 year plan, it will really sell too much of it’s motorcycles. Yamaha motorcycles have many positive things about them and youngsters also love them for their different looks and feels. Yamaha has not introduced something new for a long time. It’s about time that they introduce something new and powerful to compete with many other companies.

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